This application will determine if a given task can be completed, using the RASP forecast data as a guide.

To use the application, perform the following:

  1. Select the day you're thinking of flying.
  2. Select the proposed time of departure.
  3. Select a glider (your own type) - generally the Standard Cirrus (StdCirrus) is good at 36:1 glide ratio.
  4. Select if you're using ballast or not.
  5. Select estimated circling sink rate (in still air - 2.0 down is a good default).
  6. Select thermal multiplier (1.0 is a good default).
  7. Add your turn points for your task in BGA three-letter codes. Note that you need a 'start' and at least one other (TP1). You do not need to fill all the boxes in.
  8. Press the GO button.


  • The actual date is printed on the results.
  • If you want the results in a separate window, 'check' the 'NEW WINDOW' check box above the 'GO' button.
  • If you know your task add to the URL in the following format (comma separated): ?task=RDN,GRF,PET,RDN

Forecast Day Depart Time Glider Wing loading Circling sink(kts) Thermal multiplier