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RASP Weather Forecasts For Great Britain

This site provides a view onto the two FREE UK specific RASP Weather Forecast models.

These models are designed to provide data and imagery for gliding but can be used by any one in the UK who wants to know their local weather in 30 minute segments.

It's a bit more involved than using the Met Office website (but not much), so interpretation is key.

  • Not in the UK? Looking for RASP forecast outside the UK? No problem - all the RASP models for the planet are here.

  • New to RASP? RASP introduction and interpretation videos can be found here.

  • Looking for a tailored service? There is a subscription-based forecasting service offered by topmeteo.eu, which uses the same GFS source data but uses their own applications to provide a tailored service for a subscription fee. The two RASP-based models here are free to use.

How do I view the Forecasts?

The first is via a Map View (i.e. the entire UK) or for specific locations (fixed spots on the ground) via the Spot View.

To select a map forecast, you can use a map-based view by clicking on RASPTable link on the left hand side, and then selecting the relevant weather parameter on the right hand side (wind, rain, cloud cover, etc).

These maps look like the images to the right (but a bit larger).

To select a spot forecast, click on BlipSpot Maker, then select the day of interest, latitude/longitude (West is negative).

Or if you know the BGA turnpoint, select that instead and lastly click the generate button.

Stratus Engine Status


Data Quality
Dry Temp:93.5%(43/46)
Dew Temp:100.0%(46/46)
Wind Spd:93.5%(43/46)
Wind Dir:71.7%(33/46)
Sampled at 17:43:36 01/07/2020
What does this mean?

What Locations are Popular?

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BLIPMAP = Boundary Layer Information Prediction MAP - Created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening, Meteorologist