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To help understand if the RASP forecast is matching the real world, an experimental script has been put together that will compare a RASP "spot" forecast against a METAR observation (a real-world airfield met observation). These observations are produced hourly or so.

The following table is a summary for the UK, using the script outlined below the table and map. The table is produced from 08:00 to 20:00 on the hour and every half hour during UK daylight hours.

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The script is a bit slow, so sometimes the results may not be available as an auto-generated static view. If this happens, click here to dynamically re-generate the table as a separate page.

If there is a problem with the output, click here to get a copy of the last generated text table.

To look at individual sites, a script you can use is below, but an example is shown below comparing RAF Wattisham to its BGA turn point.


You can pick any UK BGA turnpoint and any ICAO airfield code for the METAR. The turnpoint has to be &tp=XYZ and the ICAO code has to be ?icao=WXYZ. Note that not all airfields report a METAR observation, so pick one close to the turnpoint (or vice versa).

If you have a location that has a METAR but no close BGA turnpoint, you can use a latitude/longitude combination. Instead of using &tp=XYZ, instead use &lat=99.9 and &long=99.9 along with ?icao=WXYZ. Note the latitude and longitude must be a decimal fraction - not in minutes/seconds. So as an example, 51 degress 30 seconds north, is 51.50 degrees as &lat=51.5. North is always positive, south negative; east is negative, west is positive.

Here is Wattisham again as 52.12743 north and 0.95617 west, using EGUW as the METAR:


Click here to try Wattisham as a Lat/Long with an ICAO code.

An example output for EGUW/WSM looks like:

Using a METAR of: EGUW (950) with a RASP time of: 1000 for turn point: Wattisham (WSM)

Temperature15.9160.1 (Observation Warmer than RASP)
Dew Point10.073 (Observation Cooler or same as RASP)
Cloud Base236036001240(ft - estimated at 400ft/C)
Wind Direction (Degrees)149°140°-
Wind Speed (KTS)7103-

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