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RASP Potential Flight Distance Summary


This page is output from an experimental set of applications to determine a potential flight distance (and view spatially). A Google Map version is here.

Further details are at the bottom of the page.

Forecast Valid: Fri Aug 23

[Plot and data currently 11 hours old]

(Check the plot for date/time produced)

Forecast Valid: Sat Aug 24

[Plot and data currently 0 hours old]

(Check the plot for date/time produced)

Forecast Valid: Sun Aug 25

[Plot and data currently 10 hours old]

(Check the plot for date/time produced)

Forecast Valid: Mon Aug 26

[Plot and data currently 10 hours old]

(Check the plot for date/time produced)

RPFD Distance
Contour Map
Polygon Map
Progress LogRun ResultsLast Status
uk12 PNGuk12 Poly PNGuk12XML2019-08-23 08:33:21: Finished.
uk12+1 PNGuk12+1 Poly PNGuk12+1XML2019-08-23 19:29:20: Finished.
uk12+2 PNGuk12+2 Poly PNGuk12+2XML2019-08-23 19:52:30: At 098_S_Sco_98 [56.0,-4.5] 97 of 211 (45%) ETA in 5147 secs (86 mins) 21:18:17
uk12+3 PNGuk12+3 Poly PNGuk12+3XML2019-08-23 10:06:21: Finished.
uk12+4 PNGuk12+4 Poly PNGuk12+4XML2019-08-23 10:08:15: Finished.
uk12+5 PNGuk12+5 Poly PNGuk12+5XML2019-08-23 11:11:58: Finished.
uk12+6 PNGuk12+6 Poly PNGuk12+6XML2019-08-23 11:11:23: Finished.

Refreshed at: Fri, 23 Aug 2019 19:52:36 +0100
Check the top of the chart for the valid period, along with the date/time when last created to determine if it shows the latest information.

This is currently experimental, and as calibration and experimentation take place, the output may not be completely reliable. It is provided on an as-is basis and is produced daily. The morning run (for today) is normally ready by around 09:30 - other runs may take longer.

How Calculated

The RASP task calculators are used to calculate a 'closed' triangular task, based upon a given 'polar' and for a given 'thermalling percent'. The input parameters used are shown on the chart.

How to Use

The chart provides a spatial view of locations (mainly gliding club airfields) that have had radial task calculations in a number of directions run from that location. The calculations are done for the whole day and so the maximum distance is used wherever in the day it was best.

What you are looking for are areas that show increased distances to indicate lines of better conditions. These may offer areas to consider when task planning.
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