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BLIP by BGA Turnpoint

This page describes a script that provides a 'day view' of some of the basic metrics in one handly URL and uses the graphs put together in one place.

In addition you can select the desired results by day and turn point by adjusting the URL parameters.

To set the day (which will default to today if you leave it out) use 'region=day of your choice'. Monday would be region=Monday, Tuesday would be region=Tuesday and so on.

To set the location use tp='turn point code'. For example, Lasham Clubhouse would be tp=LAS, Aboyne would be tp=ABO and so on.

The order of the parameters is not important, but the first will have a question mark and the next an ampersand '&'.

As an example, the following URL provides the day view for Lasham Clubhouse for Monday: http://app.stratus.org.uk/blip/graph/dayview.php?day=Monday&tp=LAS

This rest of this page allows you to get a BLIP forecast for a given BGA Turnpoint based on the script above.

  1. Select a BGA Turn Point from the list.
  2. Select the day of the week required.
  3. Always click on the Get Results button to get a new set of data for the details in the drop-down boxes.

New! Always click on Get Results to display a different day or location - the auto change has been temporarily removed.


  • The location map is for information purposes only.
  • The Latitude and Longitude shown on the graphs is the closest forecast data to the requested location (normally within a few Km of the TP which is good enough).

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BLIPMAP = Boundary Layer Information Prediction MAP - Created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening, Meteorologist